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Tokyo Days
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07.22.11 - Premise

tokyo_days is a realistic AU RP Game focusing on the everyday lives of people living in the heart of Japan. Tokyo is  known to most as  an extraordinary city which has charmed many to visit and even more to live in its busy, and lively streets. Here, you can be anything you want to be. And live the way you wanted to live. But even in this lively, colorful and extraordinary city,  there are ordinary people with ordinary lives, keeping the city alive as it is.
07.22.11 - Applications
Note: Please check the claims & holds list first to make sure that your muse has not already been claimed or held.

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Muse Information

PERSONALITY: (Does not need to be long, a few bullet points will do)

07.22.11 - Rules
1. Have fun, and play nice. Remember that you make the community fun for everyone!

2. This community is AU, but it is a realistic AU.

3. All Asian and other nationality muses are welcome!

4. The character limit for each mun is three (3).

5.. OOC is separate from IC! This is extremely important. Please remember this when dealing with your fellow muses and muns.

6. Activity checks will be conducted on the main community once per calendar month.

7. Please make a separate username for your Livejournal account - cross-claiming is confusing and annoying for everyone involved.

8. Every muse must have an AIM account. Cross-claiming with AIM accounts is allowed, but not encouraged.

9. Character death is expressly forbidden, as are plots that result in muse death or otherwise contradict community rules.

10. Godmodding, metagaming, and powerplay are forbidden.
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